Welcome to the Wonderful World of Anahita Farmden.
(Farmden being – smaller than a farm, bigger than a garden!)
Anahita Farmden  is situated on 25 chemical free & biodiverse acres @ North Motton, TASMANIA and is cared for and continuously expanded and celebrated by us, Prudence and Onno Holling and our 2 sons.
At the moment our focus is on producing the following;

  • Local Raw Honey & Honeycomb
  • Fire Cider & Elderberry Tonics
  • Seasonal Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs including unusual and rare varieties.
  • Handmade Herb Salts combining our own grown and dried herbs blended with Himalayan Salt.
  • Edible, Unusual & Bee Friendly Plants including fruits, nuts, herbs and other interesting varieties.
  • Fresh Free Range Seasonal Flowers.
  • Garden Care & Maintenance Services (See Flourish Garden Care for more information)

We occasionally attend various markets around the North West and love to meet and talk with people, sharing information and ideas.
If you would like to come and see our Farmden, buy products from us directly or offer feedback & suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us form or on Facebook and Instagram