Welcome to the Wonderful World of Anahita Farmden.
(Farmden being – smaller than a farm, bigger than a garden!)
Anahita Farmden  is situated on 25 chemical free & biodiverse acres @ North Motton, TASMANIA and is cared for and continuously expanded and celebrated by us, Prudence and Onno Holling and our 2 sons.
At the moment our focus is on producing the following;

  • Fresh Free Range Seasonal Flowers
  • Local Raw Honey & Honeycomb
  • Fire Cider & Elderberry Tonics
  • Seasonal Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs including unusual and rare varieties.
  • Handmade Herb Salts combining our own grown and dried herbs blended with Himalayan Salt.
  • Edible, Unusual & Bee Friendly Plants including fruits, nuts, herbs and other interesting varieties.
  • Occasional workshops
  • Garden Care & Maintenance Services (See Flourish Garden Care for more information)

If you would like to come and see our Farmden, buy products from us directly or offer feedback & suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us form or on Facebook and Instagram